About Me

Hi, I’m Kim.

I am a 21 year old girl who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I’m from the Philippines, now living in California. I love all things food β€”Β cooking, baking and eating. Can sometimes be crazy for make-up, but of course, skincare comes first! Currently obsessed with Asian skincare, and currently on a journey to get that healthy glow. Traveling, going on adventures and seeing more of the world excites me. Watching Crime shows, boxing & online shopping keeps me calm. Anything Matcha makes me crazy happy inside.Β I always, always want to try something new; blogging being a perfect example.

Also, I am currently at the stage of my life where I want to do so many things simultaneously, but do not know where to start. I know, it’s confusing, it’s life. I feel like I needed an outlet of some sort for my endless thoughts & plans about everything, which is why I created this blog. I created this so I can freely share my thoughts & ideas on the things I am passionate about, and hopefully help me to have a grasp of what I am really meant to do and/or be in life.

To know more about my blog, please click here.

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