My Go-to Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe (ft. Matcha Daily’s Matcha Powder)

Annyeong, bbs! Finally, after a 2-month hiatus on the blog, I AM BAAAAACK with a yummy, healthy-ish Matcha Green Tea Latte recipe, yas!

If you’re part of my IG (Kimterest) fam, then you’d know that I am OBSESSED (this is an understatement lol) with anything & everything Matcha! I can devour anything w Matcha 24/7, and never get sick of it! I actually did that on all my visits to Japan, and NO REGRETS, BRUH. 😉

Anyway, I’ve been making Matcha Latte for years now, but I’ve only curated my go-to recipe a few weeks back! Crazy, right? I’m just really not the type of girl who takes recipe notes for whatever I’m making for myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Recently though, I got a bunch of messages asking what my favorite Matcha Green Tea Latte recipe is, and only then did I realize that I never followed any recipe for my Matcha drinks?!?!? So a fun idea popped into my Matcha filled brain (thanks to you guys!), and I made it my mission to create the perfect mix of matcha, milk and sugar, so I can share the Matcha love & recipe with you bbs! After upping my Matcha intake for the past few weeks and experimenting with diff ingredients, I am finally ready to share my go-to recipe with all of you, yay!! *fingers, toes & legs crossed* that you’ll like the recipe I’ve been enjoying too! It’s super simple & easy to follow, I promise!

Matcha Green Tea Latte

🍵 Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe 🍵

🍵  1tsp Matcha Powder (I’m using Matcha Daily‘s Premium Grade Matcha Powder)
🍵  1tsp Vanilla Extract* (to get the same aroma Starbucks’s GT Latte has! Hehe)
🍵  1tbsp Sugar (you can replace this with honey, or whatever sweetener you prefer! You can adjust the amount to your liking too!)
🍵  250-350mL Cold Whole Milk (healthier options: almond or soy milks! Dairy-free substitutes maximizes the Matcha powder’s benefit!)
🍵  2 cubes of Ice
🍵  30mL Hot Water (not boiling!)

Things you’ll need:
🍵 Your favorite mug, glass OR when on the go, an awesome bottle/tumbler (just like the one on the photo! hehe)
🍵 Whisk / Frother*
🍵 Blender*
🍵 Fork (Use a fork if you don’t have a blender / whisk / frother! It’s not as efficient as those 3 but it does the job LOL)

*Optional but highly recommended!

1. Place matcha, sugar and hot water in a mug. Mix together until everything’s diluted and no lumps can be seen.
2. Add vanilla extract. 

Option A:
If you’re using a blender, blend milk & ice cubes together, then add the Matcha mixture, and blend again.
4A. Once everything’s blended well, pour everything back in your mug, and enjoy!

Option B:
3B. If you’re using a frother or fork, pour milk into the mug with Matcha mixture, then mix, mix and mix!
4B. Once everything’s mixed in properly, add in the ice cubes and enjoy!

The recipe’s super simple & easy to follow, right?! I added Options A&B as I know not everyone owns a blender/frother (I also just got my frother a week ago hehe), and I hope you found the options helpful! Btw, if you’re expecting this Matcha Green Tea Latte to be as sweet as the one Starbucks’s has, it’s not. I love their GT Latte, but it’s overly sweet to be a go-to Matcha drink for me. This recipe I’m sharing just has the right sweetness that you’ll hopefully love too 🙂

Andddd if you’re looking for a high quality Matcha powder (that you can use for drinking, cooking and baking), you’ll never go wrong with Matcha Daily’s Matcha Powder! I highly recommend their Matcha powder, because it’s easy to dilute, and it doesn’t come with a bitter taste & after taste. Their Matcha powder is just filled with Matcha goodness! You can also check them out on Instagram, and send them a DM if you have any questions about their products!

Other products I love to use when creating my Matcha Green Tea Latte:
🍵 Coffee Savvy Handheld Frother
🍵 Matcha Daily’s Glass Bottle (when I’m on the go! It keeps my drink cold for hoursss, and the dairy smell doesn’t stick to the bottle so it’s super easy to clean too!)*

Please let me know in the comments below if you have questions, thoughts about the recipe, or if you have any suggestions to make it better! I would really love to know your thoughts, and I’m sure other readers would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions about it too! The yummier the matcha latte, the merrier we are, right? 😉

With Matcha love,
Kim ❤

P.S. You can use code KIM10 to get 10% discount off of your Matcha Daily order! Not an affiliate link/code (meaning I’m not getting anything from it, you just get the discount), YAY!


20 thoughts on “My Go-to Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe (ft. Matcha Daily’s Matcha Powder)

  1. The photo of your matcha daily bottle is beautifullll! So serene and elegant against that beach blue sky!! *__* Thanks for sharing your go to matcha latte recipe!!! I like the fact that it’s not going to be overly sweet like Starbucks’ GT latte drink. I’m going to give your portions a try!! ^_^

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