Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog

Hi there, I’m Kim.

Before posting about anything else, I want to introduce you to my blog / passion project, Kimterest.

A few weeks ago, I created an Instagram account, where I somehow shared a snippet of my blog’s soon-to-be content. If you’ve checked it out, you’ll probably know that this blog would mainly be an online outlet for anything food and beauty, which are my interests. Hence, the blog’s name, Kimterest (yup, I try to be witty sometimes). This blog will be filled with posts that are too long to be posted as an Instagram caption such as food recipes, product hauls & reviews, how-to’s, etc. I plan to make this blog “my something new” to indulge in and stick with this 2017, which hopefully is the little extra I need in my life 😉

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt on putting up a blog, and I am not a professional writer. I am just a girl with endless thoughts, opinions, ramblings and what-nots on all the little things in this world, and I started this so I can share all of them with you, and, hopefully, connect and interact with most of you, too! 🙂

Btw, if you want to know more about the author (me), please click here. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Starting a Blog

  1. Instagram was my breakthrough moment. Had a blog about being a mummy, just a way of me making sense of my feelings and emotions. My Instagram became my dance journey, and that’s when I decided my blog would be about all things dance, something I could talk endlessly about!

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  2. So many great bloggers got their start by just writing out their musings. There’s endless potential in your brain, you’ll figure out what works best pretty soon! I don’t k ow why, but it’s always so fun to watch/read product hauls. LOL I guess it’s like shopping without spending my own money?

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    • Hi there! Thanks for checking me and my writing out! I feel the same way! I also read blogs and watch vlogs on product hauls / reviews to see which items are worth the buy! Hopefully, I’ll be able to help other girls just like the other bloggers/vloggers helped me!

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  3. Hi Kim!
    I think the name of your blog is adorable. And I myself haven’t figured out quite how to use instagram to it’s full potential, but we all have to start somewhere. We don’t have to be professional writers to have great blogs. In fact I think that makes us a little more quirky and unique. Keep going! I look forward to seeing your blog grow.


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    • Hi Joanna!

      Thank you so much! You are too kind 🤗

      I totally agree with you; we need to start somewhere, and just learn along the way!

      Thanks for dropping by 😊


  4. Hi there Kim! Thanks for hosting a huge giveaway in PH. i’m your follower in ig, i always check on your post. I am in the line of giving up in entering giveaways because I haven’t won anything 😦 please make my wish come true. I’ll be more than happy to be the winner.
    My ig name is @wanderin_karen
    P. S. Your ig feed is a goal and so as your blog 😭💗 much love kim!

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