Are Cushion Foundations Worth The Hype?

Annyeong, everyone! I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a bit productive today! Maybe because it’s my last weekend before school? *cries* And I’m getting anxious about being more inactive, so I am pushed to making up for my past (and future) inactivity? 😉 whatever the reason is, I am thankful for it!

I can finally write on one of the most raved about products in the (Asian) beauty community, cushion foundations! I’ve been planning to share my thoughts on this, but haven’t been able to as I have been busy..traveling & eating, and also a teeny bit lazy *woops* to write blog posts.

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How I Got My First Influenster Voxbox

How I Got My First Influenster Voxbox (+ what I got from the Daisy Voxbox!)

If it’s your first time hearing the word “Influenster“, and you’re wondering what it is. Well, it’s a platform where bloggers and product users (all of us) meet. You can write reviews about any products you’ve used, and when you’ve written enough reviews, you might get a chance to get products from them in exchange for more reviews! It sounds simple, but a lot of people are still having a hard time to get their first ever Influenster Voxbox, so today I am sharing with you how I got mine after 2 weeks of signing up with them! 🙆🏻

I remember how much messages I got on Instagram when I received a Daisy Voxbox from Influenster last month. Honestly, I don’t know if there really ARE specific steps to follow in order to get one, but I’ll share with you everything I did to get my hands on one of their Voxboxes!
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LipSense by Senegence Review

An Unbiased and Honest Review on LipSense by Senegence (+ a Mini Giveaway)!

Hi guys! I’m back with another review again, and it’s going to be about the products by Senegence under their LipSense line.

A few weeks back, Jalynne from Lasting Country Beauty, a distributor of Senegence, was looking for bloggers who are willing to try their LipSense Kit in exchange for a review. Me being a curious cat obviously signed up for it. I’ve seen a lot of reviews about this on Youtube actually, and they were mostly raving about Senegence and their products, so I was really happy when I saw Jalynne’s offer.

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YADAH Vitalizing Mask Pack Review

Beauty Review: YADAH Vitalizing Mask Pack

A few weeks ago, I did a friend mail with Rein, she also has a blog and an Instablog (she’s really an awesome blogger & a great momma, so you should check her out!). I am really grateful that she agreed to friend mail with me, because as all of you know, I’m just a newbie blogger, and she’s already up there (wherever up there is hehe)!

Anyway, she sent me a YADAH Vitalizing Mask Pack among others, and I am writing a review about in today’s post, YAY! Read More »

Leaders USA Sheet Masks Giveaway

Korean Beauty Unboxing: Leaders 10k Giveaway Box (YES! I finally won a giveaway!)

On April 10, Leaders USA hosted a giveaway for reaching 10k followers on their Instagram account. Of course, my fellow K-beauty lovers and I joined their giveaway! I’ve joined so many giveaways that I’m used to not winning anymore, but guess what? On the afternoon on April 17, I got a message from Leaders USA saying that I won their 10k Giveaway (that’s valued at $101, omggg)! I WAS SO CLOSE TO CRYING, BECAUSE I’VE NEVER WON A GIVEAWAY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Plus, I won a giveaway that was hosted by one of the most raved about brands in the AB world! So, really?! What’s not to be happy about?!

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Beauty Review: CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Review: First Impression on the CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch

If you watched my Instagram story a few days ago, you’d know that I did a semi-unboxing of my Roseroseshop haul. This is only my 2nd time ordering from them, and I must say, I had a better experience with customer service and shipping this time, yay!

After my semi-unboxing, I thought of not using the products first, because I promised to do an unboxing on my blog (and to get nice photos, it’s better if the products are unused lol). But then, the little bumps on my forehead were forming into acne…with a potential of pus coming out (sorry, TMI). So I decided to give the CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch a try!

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15 Petroleum Jelly Hacks You Should Try! 

A few days ago, a rash appeared around my abdominal area. I did not know where it came from, it was super itchy and annoying, so I asked my friend’s sister, who is a dermatologist, for some help. Since I can’t have my rash checked up on that day, she suggested that I use some petroleum jelly first until she finds out what’s the cause of my rash was. That’s made me realize how petroleum jelly should be a staple for everyone, especially for beauty geeks (like me)!

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My Skincare Obsession

For as long as I can remember, I didn’t have anything to call “my skincare routine”. I have always been the kind of girl who didn’t really care about looking good. I blame myself for being always around boys (at home, at school, and everywhere) that I started acting and thinking like them. There was a phase in my life where I would rather be a boy because it was sooo easy to be one, LOL.

Anyway, I was already struggling with my skin since I was 12. You know, because of puberty and all that shiz. I would always just use a facial cleanser, a toner and, sometimes, an anti acne cream to keep my skin from looking like a disaster. Having an oily and acne-prone skin back then, stocking up on cleansers and acne creams with a high salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide concentration was a must for me, especially when visiting the United States (because the Philippines, my first home, didn’t have a wide variety like the United States has). I would choose brands like Clean & Clear, Clearasil or Pond’s. They worked in drying up my acne, but they just never really got rid of them?

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